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yosemite national park

Yosemite National Park

Bridge in a Half Done

Yosemite is one of the most beautiful nature in USA. I visited this place many times and I always been delighted to come back, the smell of woods, grayling creek, sounds of the birds is truly describe as a paradise place to relax. I shot this during the 90s with my old medium format film camera Mamiya RZ67II. My wife and I love this place and we both like to travel but when it comes to taking pictures we have different approach, as my wife like a selfie tourist people would love to take picture anywhere everywhere but me I will choose specific place, contrast and most especially the time to take pictures. If only I can move the sun that would be much easier and done quickly, can't do that in nature. Since then my soul as an artistic person develop more and more, So when I photograph people its better to capture the emotion.

man shock on the picture

photojournalist style

Man surprise on a camera

My favorite time on every event is the reception. The celebration with lots of excitement, emotion and the energy around them, that require skilled photographer to capture as quick as possible before it change the mood. I blend in the crowd sneak in so the guest won't notice me when I'm following them and when you see the reaction take the shot right away. It took me years of experience to nail every shot but I get better and better each year and I'm still learning, I always challenge myself to improve more of my shots. Once you learn something new that become an exciting part of my job that is why I never get bored for the same style over and over because I learn something new everyday.

man dancing with a beer

Shooting with slow shutter speed

Wedding reception

Action shots is my specialty with a slow shutter speed. You can freeze the action and the streak of lights is from the slow shutter speed. That makes my picture more unique and capture the energy of celebration in a reception. It took me lots of trial and error to master this and I am still looking for improvement but I did get better and better, learning something new to be creative is really exciting and you develope for being artistic .

in and out burger engagement picture

a picture that match their own personality

Multiple image engagement pictures

I love photographing couple base on their own character. This couple (nephew) likes in and out burger, so that gives me an idea to include in and out burger to an engagement photoshoot. Every time I got to know my client base on their adventure, hobby and likes. The posing fits naturally for them and sometimes I let them do what they want I just simply snap the pictures. That is why all my pictures is not always the same on every couple, each couple has different identity and personality and thats what I want to emphasize on the picture.